The National Exchange Platform

The National Exchange Platform is a digital and unique space for constructive and dynamic dialogue, where a broad spectrum of Lebanese citizens, public actors, experts, researchers, organisations, companies, and donors can enter into an exchange of ideas on topics around the National Action Plan (NAP) for Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE).

The platform is a tool for members of the PVE National Network to monitor and exchange over the PVE National Action Plan as well as engage with one another and communicate their PVE activities with the public. It is a space for national dialogue that provides for better inter-communication among national and international actors in the Lebanese PVE arena. And it provides access to resources related to PVE such as the Strategy, the National Action Plan, and all newly released documents, while member experts and researchers can share and upload their research or articles related to PVE on to the platform.

The National Exchange Platform offers a unique opportunity for actors working within the 9 pillar fields, to engage in the process of democratic ‘national exchange’ of views and ideas through one-on-one or groups chats on PVE related subjects and create partnerships.

This governmental platform offers a unique interactive experience that seeks to restore confidence in the Lebanese state as it seeks to promote "national exchange". The online platform is available in Arabic and English as well as in two versions, a web page and a mobile application, with easy access and interactive features, designed to be in constant evolution.


- To provide a sustainable opportunity for national and international stakeholders to continue to engage in the PVE National Action Plan (NAP) and turn their ideas into actionable solutions.

- To share, learn and exchange methodologies for the programming of PVE activities across Lebanon.

- To foster a space where effective exchange & collaborations across all sectors, can take place to enhance all PVE related work.