Prime Minister's Foreword

The Lebanese people have shown a high degree of national and social cohesion and solidarity, as they have rallied around their national state and its executive, legislative and judicial institutions to counter violent extremism which targets social peace and socioeconomic stability. The Government has entrusted an all- ministry national committee with developing a national and scientifically-based strategy in accordance with international standards to prevent violent extremism; and based on the premise that social cohesion and order within the framework of a modern, strong and just national state are the main deterrents to violent extremism.

Furthermore, a national definition of violent extremism that is inspired by the characteristics of the Lebanese reality has been developed and helps to further understand the role of and need for a national state.
The Government considers the unanimous adoption of the national strategy, at the Cabinet meeting on 27 March 2018 at Baabda Palace, a national achievement that reflects the will of the Lebanese people to protect their national unity and social and economic cohesion against the threats and risks of violent extremism.

The Government highly values the cooperation that culminated in the production of this strategy, including with the Office of the Resident Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Swiss Government, the National Initiative for the Centennial of Greater Lebanon and the international entities and institutions that have expressed their readiness to cooperate in the implementation of the strategy and the achievement of its national objectives.

Saad Hariri
President of the Council of Ministers