28-29 Jan 2019

The national coordination unit for preventing violent extremism organized a two-day workshop in the grand serial, where 116 representatives from public and private sector came together in a first of a series of 9 consultation events to develop a national action plan to prevent violent extremism.

The workshop related to the Economic Development and Job creation of the national PVE strategy. It involved a whole range of actors from the public sector, relevant governmental entities, various associations and unions to private sector, banking sector and relevant institutions to academia and researchers.

The participants worked within groups to come up with projects and programs that aim to translate the strategic objectives of pillar 7 of the national strategy in order to enhance economic development and preserve financial stability, create jobs and encourage capacity building among youth, all of which are possible contributors to preventing violent extremism.

The process that was launched in this first workshop will carry on throughout the year to cover all the pillars in the strategy and create a national network to prevent violent extremism.